The Bottom of the World

Chapter One: The Chain Reaction - Part 1

The Chain Reaction

The adventurers met up with a Druid called Angel and her young Dire Wolf companion, Loki. Angel, Loki, Jack, Dokus, Alister and Valanthe finally arrived in Rellington. They were shown to the King by his Steward, Victor Shallow, where they met Sir Blastiff Moot, Lord Duncan Dynasty and Calico Straights, as well as the King Himself.

The King told them the story of the Great Evil, and how, 1000 years ago it was trapped in a dungeon below the palace by the Hundred Heroes. It was said that a chain from the beast reached all the way to the throne room, but that chain, which was once taut, is now loose. The King has called all the adventurers from the land forth to investigate what has happened. He has decided to have them brave the dungeons and check on the slumbering beast.

There are only two problems: The final gate is held fast by something called the Shipman’s Seal, and the pieces needed to open it have been scattered all over the world. The other problem is that the door leading to the dungeon will not open.

Victor Shallow tasked the heroes with opening the door. He brought them to it’s threshold, which read, “The Beginning and The End”, written in Dwarven runes. They tried everything they could think but the door would not budge.

That night they stayed at the Bear Hunter’s Inn. Calico Straights came to visit them and told them that Blastiff Moot was going senile and that the missions he had sent the heroes that came before on were based on knowledge he remembered poorly from nearly 50 years ago. She said the books on the Great Evil were housed in a library called Arcavora, far to the Northwest. She promised that if the adventurers brought her back some of these books she would show them how to open the Door.

The adventurers bought a map from Zelph Lodebringer at the Explorer’s Compendium and then set out. They were met, after their first day of travel, by Vayne Hall. He promised them another card if they brought him two copies of Kritchen’s Manual of Unusual Statistics.

On their third day they were able to sniff out a few bandits waiting in the woods and get the jump on them, wiping them out.

After that they made their way to the Whipporwill River, built a raft and headed upstream. They were attacked by Lizardfolk from the waters, but managed to wipe them out. We left them on the bank, near the Library of Arcavora…


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