The Bottom of the World

Chapter One: The Chain Reaction - Part 3

When Angel went to sleep the previous night she dreamed she was in a bizarre landscape filled with glass towers, explosions all around her. When a man with strange armor reached out to save her she grabbed his hand. She then appeared in a desert wasteland holding Unit # 3762948, which the man had been wearing.

While she was there she met a warrior named Pip who had also recently disappeared and reappeared. They made their way through the desert over some strange lines in the ground until they disappeared again and reappeared at the camp with the rest of the party.

Together again, Dokos, Jack, Alister, Val, Angel, Loki and Pip decided to find the two remaining men who were destroying the books in the library and their wagon.

Greval Lovollum appeared, along with his wife and brother in-law. They had masks that protected their eyes from the light and staffs that allowed them to see. He told the heroes that the traitor among them killed himself in captivity. He said they would watch their prisoner if they tracked down the rest of the group.

The adventurers began tracking the wagon as the villains twisted and turned down old paths. They narrowly avoided a Giant Centipede, but were forced to kill a badger. The party nearly came to blows when Pip took it upon himself to kill the badger’s babies while Val leaped to save them. She saved one, which she still carries with her, but not before Pip killed two of them.

Val was able to deduce that the book burners had doubled back and so they party caught up with them. They cut down the monk and forced the fighter to submit.

The next morning they began interrogating the prisoners and were able to break them down. They discovered that their names were Devan Combs (the sorcerer), Ark Greyhelm (the fighter) and Mistros (the monk). They work for a secret organization called Gypsop’s Claw. The three of them live in Kurgiston, but they had never met since the members of Gypsop’s Claw only meet wearing the Mask of Unfamiliarity. The goals of the organization seem to be to spread through the Morning Lands and benefit it’s members. They were paid 1000 each to raid the library but they do not know why.

The party told this to Greval and in exchange he granted them a brief meeting with The Elder of Arcavora. On the way down to meet him Pip mysteriously disappeared. The Elder told them the Great Evil was trapped in a great hole, dug by the Gods. He also told them the tale of Vayne Hall and Casandra Bless.

The heroes returned to Rellington. They gave the books they had recovered to Calico Straights and she told them how to open the Door to the Architect’s Maze. Calico and Sir Blastiff Moot searched through the books and, when faced with the proof that he sent many adventurers off on missions based on misremembered information Sir Moot stepped down as the Royal Archivist and Calico was awarded that title.

They players went down to the Architect’s Door and used the incantation to open it. Victor Shallow gratefully awarded them Pluzark’s Goggles and a plot of land 2 miles away from the city where they could build homesteads and a church.

When the heroes returned to the Great Chamber they met Shardos Mayne, one of the Red Men who told them he would be taking their prisoners.

They also met Vayne Hall in the tavern. They gave him their two copies of Kritchen’s Manual of Unusual Statistics (one from the Library and one from The Explorer’s Compendium) which he burned and awarded Angel with the Two of Clubs.

When we left our adventurer’s they were awaiting Calico Straights who was reading the books and attempting to find clues to one of the missing pieces of the Shipman’s Seal.

Chapter One: The Chain Reaction - Part 2
The Library of Arcavora

The adventurer’s made camp for the night where they each received disturbing dreams except for Allister who dreamed of a guardian spirit. The spirit warned him that the dreams were caused by the lingering darkness of an evil that he had defeated thirty years ago.

When they awoke Angel had disappeared. Her wolf, Loki, claimed that he was still in contact with her and that she was safe, but far away.

The rest of the crew headed to the Library, a massive building of blue stone with a black dome. When the door did not work they made their way around the library to a hole in the wall filled with hobgoblins. They dispatched the hobgoblins and began exploring.

Inside they found the dome was crumbling. They searched the book shelves, find many interesting books and a few interesting items. Then, in one room, they found a trap door.

Under the library was a race of underground elves, blinded by even the smallest light. They were the Keepers of Arcavora and they held the most precious books in the vaults below. Their leader was Greval Lovollum.

Inside the vault Greval quickly surmised, by the smell of the air, that there was a breach. The heroes charged in, finding many of the books destroyed. They made their way past several challenges until they reached the heart of the vault and found a mage being pulled up through the a hole in the roof by a rope.

They subdued the mage, who would rather have died than be captured. Alister and Val stayed with the mage while Jack and Dokus went in pursuit of the one’s pulling the rope.

When Allister and Val told the Keepers what the mage had done one of the Keepers tried to kill him. That Keeper was taken off by his brethren and the heroes were set free with their captive.

Top side Dokus and Jack ran after the wagon. Dokus caught up with it but was beaten down by the monk and warrior who rode it. He nearly lost his life.

As we left our heroes they had reassembled at the camp and were deciding if they wanted to track the wagon or bring their captor back to Rellington for questioning.

Chapter One: The Chain Reaction - Part 1
The Chain Reaction

The adventurers met up with a Druid called Angel and her young Dire Wolf companion, Loki. Angel, Loki, Jack, Dokus, Alister and Valanthe finally arrived in Rellington. They were shown to the King by his Steward, Victor Shallow, where they met Sir Blastiff Moot, Lord Duncan Dynasty and Calico Straights, as well as the King Himself.

The King told them the story of the Great Evil, and how, 1000 years ago it was trapped in a dungeon below the palace by the Hundred Heroes. It was said that a chain from the beast reached all the way to the throne room, but that chain, which was once taut, is now loose. The King has called all the adventurers from the land forth to investigate what has happened. He has decided to have them brave the dungeons and check on the slumbering beast.

There are only two problems: The final gate is held fast by something called the Shipman’s Seal, and the pieces needed to open it have been scattered all over the world. The other problem is that the door leading to the dungeon will not open.

Victor Shallow tasked the heroes with opening the door. He brought them to it’s threshold, which read, “The Beginning and The End”, written in Dwarven runes. They tried everything they could think but the door would not budge.

That night they stayed at the Bear Hunter’s Inn. Calico Straights came to visit them and told them that Blastiff Moot was going senile and that the missions he had sent the heroes that came before on were based on knowledge he remembered poorly from nearly 50 years ago. She said the books on the Great Evil were housed in a library called Arcavora, far to the Northwest. She promised that if the adventurers brought her back some of these books she would show them how to open the Door.

The adventurers bought a map from Zelph Lodebringer at the Explorer’s Compendium and then set out. They were met, after their first day of travel, by Vayne Hall. He promised them another card if they brought him two copies of Kritchen’s Manual of Unusual Statistics.

On their third day they were able to sniff out a few bandits waiting in the woods and get the jump on them, wiping them out.

After that they made their way to the Whipporwill River, built a raft and headed upstream. They were attacked by Lizardfolk from the waters, but managed to wipe them out. We left them on the bank, near the Library of Arcavora…

Prologue Part 2: The Statue

Played on Sunday, June 16th at Peter’s Apartment

Alister Courdane, a Cleric of Heronius and Valanthe Silverfrond, a Cleric of Ehlonna, were travelling up the road to Rellington when they met with a large party, lead by seasoned adventurers, heading South. The leader, Gavan Matterling, told them he had been sent on a mission from King Bannet Rellingrade but refused to give any details. A ranger, Cassandra Luscorn, wore the symbol of Ehlonna and greeted Val warmly. She suggested that they cut through the woods to the East to avoid their large party, which clogged the road.

After cutting through the woods Alister and Val met up with Jack Herer and Angula Dokos. The four of them decided to travel together to Rellington.

Shortly after they set out they met a man who stumbled out of the woods named Pence Colder. He told them he was a battle medic who had set out with a group of adventurers called The Children of the Sun. They had been dispensed by King Rellinguarde a month ago to head to the icy Dagan Wastes to the North West. They were attacked by Frost Giants and Pence was dispensing medical aid when he was suddenly teleported to the woods, nearby. The party decided to investigate the spot he had been teleported to.

They found a statue of a cackling woman with The Strange Symbol carved into its base. The statue was pointing to a false tree that had a ladder inside. They climbed down.

They found what had once been a shrine to Cracklina, but was now home to several goblins and an orc. They dispatched the Goblins and their leader and made their way out of the shrine, but Pence had already left.

Prologue: A Town Called Grey Tower

Played: Saturday, June 1st, 2013 at Chris’s Apartment

Jack Herer and Angula Dokos met up on the road to Rellington and decided to travel together. They came to the small town of Grey Tower and were greeted by a Kobold’s head mounted on a pike.

Inside the Grey Lady Tavern they learned that the head belonged to an unfortunate beastie that was picked off by a hunter. There had been many recent sightings of Kobolds and some pets and livestock had gone missing.

An old man named Clister Bowester was standing guard over a dark path, claiming that anyone who went to the crossroads at midnight would encounter the Devil, who would bargain for their soul.

The adventurers convinced the bartender that they had come to deal with the Kobold threat and were given free room and board. Peter put on a show with his Sleight of Hand while Jack called out to the crowd. They made a few silver and a lot of free drinks.

The next morning, hung over, they headed out to search for Kobolds. They spent the day and only found an abandoned camp. They decided that the creatures had moved on.

Late that night they headed out to the crossroads to set a trap for the Devil, but there was already a Mysterious Man there drinking and shuffling a deck of cards. He told them that if they could beat him at cards he would grant them a wish, but before they could play they needed to earn enough cards. He told them to hunt down a man named Handrick, a dice cheat, and to take his loaded dice and convince him to never cheat again.

They found Handrick’s hut on Dunsber Hill. Peter picked the lock and Jack busted in, screaming and waving his weapons around. Handrick was instantly cowed and gave up his bad dice and swore, amidts tears, never to cheat again.

The duo returned the dice to the Mysterious Man and he rewarded them with a Four of Clubs.

When they returned to Grey Tower the town was under attack by three Kobolds who had set the Grey Lady on fire. One of them got the jump on Peter, knocking him unconscious, but Chris was able to dispatch them all.

After a few days rest the townspeople rewarded them with 50gp and promised that they would always have room and board in Grey Tower.


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