The Bottom of the World

Prologue: A Town Called Grey Tower

Played: Saturday, June 1st, 2013 at Chris’s Apartment

Jack Herer and Angula Dokos met up on the road to Rellington and decided to travel together. They came to the small town of Grey Tower and were greeted by a Kobold’s head mounted on a pike.

Inside the Grey Lady Tavern they learned that the head belonged to an unfortunate beastie that was picked off by a hunter. There had been many recent sightings of Kobolds and some pets and livestock had gone missing.

An old man named Clister Bowester was standing guard over a dark path, claiming that anyone who went to the crossroads at midnight would encounter the Devil, who would bargain for their soul.

The adventurers convinced the bartender that they had come to deal with the Kobold threat and were given free room and board. Peter put on a show with his Sleight of Hand while Jack called out to the crowd. They made a few silver and a lot of free drinks.

The next morning, hung over, they headed out to search for Kobolds. They spent the day and only found an abandoned camp. They decided that the creatures had moved on.

Late that night they headed out to the crossroads to set a trap for the Devil, but there was already a Mysterious Man there drinking and shuffling a deck of cards. He told them that if they could beat him at cards he would grant them a wish, but before they could play they needed to earn enough cards. He told them to hunt down a man named Handrick, a dice cheat, and to take his loaded dice and convince him to never cheat again.

They found Handrick’s hut on Dunsber Hill. Peter picked the lock and Jack busted in, screaming and waving his weapons around. Handrick was instantly cowed and gave up his bad dice and swore, amidts tears, never to cheat again.

The duo returned the dice to the Mysterious Man and he rewarded them with a Four of Clubs.

When they returned to Grey Tower the town was under attack by three Kobolds who had set the Grey Lady on fire. One of them got the jump on Peter, knocking him unconscious, but Chris was able to dispatch them all.

After a few days rest the townspeople rewarded them with 50gp and promised that they would always have room and board in Grey Tower.


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