The Bottom of the World

Chapter One: The Chain Reaction - Part 3

When Angel went to sleep the previous night she dreamed she was in a bizarre landscape filled with glass towers, explosions all around her. When a man with strange armor reached out to save her she grabbed his hand. She then appeared in a desert wasteland holding Unit # 3762948, which the man had been wearing.

While she was there she met a warrior named Pip who had also recently disappeared and reappeared. They made their way through the desert over some strange lines in the ground until they disappeared again and reappeared at the camp with the rest of the party.

Together again, Dokos, Jack, Alister, Val, Angel, Loki and Pip decided to find the two remaining men who were destroying the books in the library and their wagon.

Greval Lovollum appeared, along with his wife and brother in-law. They had masks that protected their eyes from the light and staffs that allowed them to see. He told the heroes that the traitor among them killed himself in captivity. He said they would watch their prisoner if they tracked down the rest of the group.

The adventurers began tracking the wagon as the villains twisted and turned down old paths. They narrowly avoided a Giant Centipede, but were forced to kill a badger. The party nearly came to blows when Pip took it upon himself to kill the badger’s babies while Val leaped to save them. She saved one, which she still carries with her, but not before Pip killed two of them.

Val was able to deduce that the book burners had doubled back and so they party caught up with them. They cut down the monk and forced the fighter to submit.

The next morning they began interrogating the prisoners and were able to break them down. They discovered that their names were Devan Combs (the sorcerer), Ark Greyhelm (the fighter) and Mistros (the monk). They work for a secret organization called Gypsop’s Claw. The three of them live in Kurgiston, but they had never met since the members of Gypsop’s Claw only meet wearing the Mask of Unfamiliarity. The goals of the organization seem to be to spread through the Morning Lands and benefit it’s members. They were paid 1000 each to raid the library but they do not know why.

The party told this to Greval and in exchange he granted them a brief meeting with The Elder of Arcavora. On the way down to meet him Pip mysteriously disappeared. The Elder told them the Great Evil was trapped in a great hole, dug by the Gods. He also told them the tale of Vayne Hall and Casandra Bless.

The heroes returned to Rellington. They gave the books they had recovered to Calico Straights and she told them how to open the Door to the Architect’s Maze. Calico and Sir Blastiff Moot searched through the books and, when faced with the proof that he sent many adventurers off on missions based on misremembered information Sir Moot stepped down as the Royal Archivist and Calico was awarded that title.

They players went down to the Architect’s Door and used the incantation to open it. Victor Shallow gratefully awarded them Pluzark’s Goggles and a plot of land 2 miles away from the city where they could build homesteads and a church.

When the heroes returned to the Great Chamber they met Shardos Mayne, one of the Red Men who told them he would be taking their prisoners.

They also met Vayne Hall in the tavern. They gave him their two copies of Kritchen’s Manual of Unusual Statistics (one from the Library and one from The Explorer’s Compendium) which he burned and awarded Angel with the Two of Clubs.

When we left our adventurer’s they were awaiting Calico Straights who was reading the books and attempting to find clues to one of the missing pieces of the Shipman’s Seal.


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