The Bottom of the World

Chapter One: The Chain Reaction - Part 2

The Library of Arcavora

The adventurer’s made camp for the night where they each received disturbing dreams except for Allister who dreamed of a guardian spirit. The spirit warned him that the dreams were caused by the lingering darkness of an evil that he had defeated thirty years ago.

When they awoke Angel had disappeared. Her wolf, Loki, claimed that he was still in contact with her and that she was safe, but far away.

The rest of the crew headed to the Library, a massive building of blue stone with a black dome. When the door did not work they made their way around the library to a hole in the wall filled with hobgoblins. They dispatched the hobgoblins and began exploring.

Inside they found the dome was crumbling. They searched the book shelves, find many interesting books and a few interesting items. Then, in one room, they found a trap door.

Under the library was a race of underground elves, blinded by even the smallest light. They were the Keepers of Arcavora and they held the most precious books in the vaults below. Their leader was Greval Lovollum.

Inside the vault Greval quickly surmised, by the smell of the air, that there was a breach. The heroes charged in, finding many of the books destroyed. They made their way past several challenges until they reached the heart of the vault and found a mage being pulled up through the a hole in the roof by a rope.

They subdued the mage, who would rather have died than be captured. Alister and Val stayed with the mage while Jack and Dokus went in pursuit of the one’s pulling the rope.

When Allister and Val told the Keepers what the mage had done one of the Keepers tried to kill him. That Keeper was taken off by his brethren and the heroes were set free with their captive.

Top side Dokus and Jack ran after the wagon. Dokus caught up with it but was beaten down by the monk and warrior who rode it. He nearly lost his life.

As we left our heroes they had reassembled at the camp and were deciding if they wanted to track the wagon or bring their captor back to Rellington for questioning.


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